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Self-Tethers: A Speedy Solution for Temporary Tool Tethering

For those looking for a long-term tool tethering system, we’d always recommend choosing a solution which uses our patented blue tether. The blue tether is our most rigorously tested tool tether option. This fail-safe solution is available as part of

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Why Serial Numbers are Vital for Tool Tether Traceability

Not all tool tethers are created equal. Here at Tool@rrest, every single one of our tethers is supplied with a tether tag. This tag contains a unique, individually traceable serial number. Using serial number across the board in our product

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Retr@fit Your Existing Tools with Tool@rrest

Unsecured dropped tools can result in serious or fatal injuries to your team. They can also cause equipment damage, costly downtime, litigation, fines and loss of reputation. Often, we see homemade tethers (normally with rope or unsuitable key rings or

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