Retr@fit Your Existing Tools with Tool@rrest

June 07, 2019

Unsecured dropped tools can result in serious or fatal injuries to your team. They can also cause equipment damage, costly downtime, litigation, fines and loss of reputation.

Often, we see homemade tethers (normally with rope or unsuitable key rings or tape) used in an attempt to improve safety without the cost of new compatible tools. Unfortunately, homemade tethers are in themselves a major cause of incidents.  Such solutions are often not reliable or certifiable and have no mechanism for traceability or inspection.

Until now, the only truly safe option was investing in specialist tools. Not anymore.

If your standard range of tools suits your work at height application, they can now be fitted with the uniquely assured and certified Tool@rrest tether through our Retr@fit or Self-Tether service.

With the Retr@fit service, most hand tools can be fitted with a fail-safe tether, onsite, anywhere in the country, in seconds. This means your existing tools can now be used as part of a completely secure drop prevention system, using Tool@rrest tethers, Tool@rrest lanyards, Tool@rrest work belts and Tool@rrest bags.

Key Benefits of Retr@fit and the new Self-tether.

  • No need to buy a new kit.
  • Tools no longer need to be handled while loose.
  • Can be retrofitted on-site in seconds to minimise downtime.
  • Compatible with most hand tools weighing up to 2.5kg
  • Guaranteed to exceed industry standards.
  • Exceeds employer ‘Duty of Care’.
  • Part of a complete solution for tool safety supplied by Tool@rrest.
  • Available through a wide range of distributors globally.

Why Trust Tool@rrest

With systems and services trusted by customers across the globe, users can be confident in knowing that every one of our Tool@rrest tethers is supplied having gone through a tried and tested formula of:

  • Independent third-party testing.
  • Evidence-backed statistical failure analysis.
  • Fitted by fully trained and certified technicians.
  • The Tool@rrest guarantee.

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