Crane Operators: How To Perform An Emergency Evacuation Using a SkySaver

May 31, 2024

Operating a crane can be a high-stress and intensive task with little room for error. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur and result in the need for emergency evacuation. Beyond human error, external conditions, such as adverse weather events, can also create dangerous situations that require evacuation.

Currently, most crane rescues are carried out with ladders, cables and ropes and involve rescuers climbing up the crane to evacuate the operator. Alternatively, the emergency services may be required to complete a rescue.

Third-party rescue can take up precious time in an emergency. What if crane operators had a safe and effective method of self-rescue so they could evacuate without delay and minimize risks in an emergency? This technology is now available in the form of SkySaver Portable Evacuation Kits, which give crane operators a speedy and safe method of self-rescue

How it Works

The SkySaver Rescue Backpack looks just like a regular backpack. Inside, you’ll find a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that utilizes a centrifugal and friction-based braking system to lower the user to the ground, doing so at a comfortable and steady rate of 2 meters per second. Using SkySaver, an entire rescue operation can take less than 3 minutes and eliminates the need for third-party rescue.

Two SkySaver Rescue kits displaying emergency rescue equipment

SkySaver: Key Benefits

  • Provides quick and immediate evacuation
  • Intuitive usage – no training required
  • Military-grade technology that functions under extreme conditions
  • Can also be used to rescue injured or unconscious technicians

Keep Your Crane Operators Safe with SkySaver

By implementing SkySaver as an organisation-wide emergency evacuation solution, you’re providing your crane operators with a fighting chance of escape in an emergency. Tool@rrest is the EXCLUSIVE UK distributor of SkySaver solutions. Talk to our team to find out more: 01952 292 782 or contact us online.

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